Junior Advisory Board (JAB) – Making a difference and giving back!

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The First Tee of Greater Seattle’s Junior Advisory board is a group of driven young individuals making a difference and giving back one tee at at time! J.A.B. is comprised of high school participants in the program who want to give back by creating fundraising events and leadership opportunities.

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GEt to know our jab members!



Estey is a junior At Mercer Island high school and has been playing golf for 8 years. She has participated in the first time since 2010 and has been an active member of the junior advisory board since 2015. She enjoys golf because of the constant pursuit to better oneself and the challenge golf poses. She enjoys participating in the first Junior Advisory Board because of the chance it provide to give back to the program that has taught her so much in terms of life and Golf skills. Her favorite subject in school is history/ social studies and her hobbies include food blogging, social justice advocacy, traveling and reading.”

Nick Liang, Vice President

Nick Liang is currently a Junior at the International School of Bellevue, where he is active in sports such as golf and swimming and has a passion for politics and music. He has been a participant in The First Tee for 5 years now, and has been an intern with the organization. Nick has also been a part of the JAB for almost 2 years now. He loves learning ways to incorporate golf and his other extracurriculars into his everyday life. The First Tee and the 9 Core Values has helped him become a more proactive person in both his community and his personal life.


Julia Dai has been a participant with The First Tee for 3 years and plays on the Bellevue high school varsity golf team. She loves eating chocolate chip mint ice cream and playing with dogs.

 Jason Wang, Treasurer 

Jason has been a participant in the first year for 4 years his favorite subject in school are STEM related and his favorite food is sushi in his free time he likes to meet and play Go.


Nic has been a participant of The First Tee for 6 years and is the captain of the Newport High School Varsity Golf team. He has participated in the Junior Advisory Board for a number of years. He enjoys reading romance novels in his free time and meeting new people

 Patrick Osborne, Procurement 

Patrick has been a participant of The First Tee for 11 years. In his free time he rows  for the Sammamish rowing Association  and enjoys fun hikes. A fun fact about Patrick is that he’s left-handed.


Jakob is a sophomore at Sammamish High School and has been playing golf for 9 years. He has participated in the First Tee since 2012 and has been an active member of the junior Advisory Board since 2015. He enjoys participating in The First Tee Junior Advisory Board because of the chance it provides to help people enjoy and treasure the game of golf. Favorite activities include photography, looking for great bubble tea gems in Seattle and track and field. “



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