Celebrating Mentoring at The First Tee

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January is National Mentoring Month

Who have been your most treasured mentors in your life?

While many of us can think fondly of the people who made a difference, 1 in 3 young people today will grow up without a mentor. Mentors play a powerful role. Studies show young people with mentors are more likely to enroll in college, engage in community service, and hold leadership roles.

That’s why The First Tee Mentoring Program is connecting participants to caring adults who can be the difference and help them reach their goals.

Meet Isis Coaxum. Isis began with The First Tee at age 8. Now a sophomore at Garfield High School, Isis is grateful that, in golf, she has not only found a game she loves but an advocate in her mentor, Shelia.

“Having Shelia as a mentor is amazing,” says Isis. “I couldn’t ask for a better one. We go together well and I appreciate her so much. She has taught me many skills and values that I can use for the rest of my life such as leadership and coming out of my shell.”

Isis and Shelia have been paired in The First Tee Mentoring Program for two years. Through the program, Isis and Shelia come together every other week with other mentors and mentees for dinner, golf, and group activities. Whether it is a round on the par-3, a glowball tournament, a trip to the museum, or a workshop on planning for college, their time together reminds Isis that in Shelia she has found someone who is committed to being in her corner.

When Isis is not on the golf course, you can find her on the school soccer and softball teams, working as a basketball referee, or volunteering at the Woodland Park Zoo. She is thankful for the listening ear and partner in planning she has found in her mentor.

“Shelia has truly helped me become a better person and we will be in each other’s lives forever. I can’t explain in words how much she has helped me grow into the person I am today. All I can say is THANK YOU SHELIA!”

Interested in connecting with a young person in The First Tee through your love of the game? Learn more 

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