Getting Fit For Golf

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Did you know that a golfer who plays 18 holes can burn 2,000 calories while walking up to five miles?

Golf is far more than a mental exercise. Strength and flexibility are the foundations of the game and regular conditioning can have a dramatic impact. Golf gets the heart pumping while navigating those hilly terrains and the large range of swing motion keeps your muscles firing throughout the round. Golfers are athletes so it is important golfers train as athletes. That’s why The First Tee has teamed up with Kutting Edge Fitness in Kirkland to help our teens get fit for the golf season.

This winter, Kutting Edge is offering a unique golf fitness program just for The First Tee through two 3-week sessions. During training, teens build confidence with Kutting Edge trainers through agility, balance, explosiveness, and core drills and are challenged to think about golf as the fully body workout that it is.

“We are proud to partner with Kutting Edge Fitness in Kirkland,” said The First Tee’s Program Director Evan Johnsen. “They are a forward-thinking group of fitness professionals committed to making a difference in people’s lives through better health and physical performance. ”

Don’t let the cold weather keep you from working on your game. The second 3-week session of the Kutting Edge Winter Fitness Clinic series is open to teens and begins February 11th at 10 AM. Register now.

“At Kutting Edge we are very passionate about golf fitness,”  said co-owner Dan Kleckner. “We feel lucky to be partnered with The First Tee in teaching golfers the importance of fitness for their game. We love the values that The First Tee instills so, for us, partnering was a perfect fit.”

As the weather warms, we will be partnering up again with Kutting Edge Fitness plus Alex Dunlop Golf for a unique golf and fitness clinic this spring at Newcastle Golf Club.

Watch participants at work in this one-minute video below.

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