Reflections from Our Graduates

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Graduation is a time of reflecting while looking ahead. We asked three of our graduates to share some their favorite lessons from The First Tee. Here are their thoughts:

Khanh Nguyen
Participant since 2012
Graduated from: Liberty High School

Next steps: Khanh is headed to Seattle University to study nursing.

“The most important core value to me is perseverance because it’s the core value that has helped me throughout my life. Perseverance has taught me to never give up, no matter the situation, and to always keep moving on with life. It’s helped me with my golf game because I would’ve never been the golfer I am without being persistent. Perseverance is something that will I carry with me my entire life.”

Haley Chinn
Participant since 2004
Graduated from: University of Washington
Next steps: Haley is working for a private equity firm in San Francisco.

“The core value that is most important to me is respect. Whether I am on the golf course or in the workplace, I find that respect is something that never goes out of style. Being respectful can go a long way. No matter where you are or who you’re with, always being kind to others and keeping an open mind can sometimes be your greatest strength.”

Makenzie Milton
Participant since 2008
Graduated from: Kennedy High School
Next steps: Makenzie is headed to Bellevue College to study criminal justice and play on the golf team.

“The First Tee has given me the opportunity to learn more about myself as well as succeeding in the future. By using the core value of judgment throughout my golf career and high school experience, I was able to persevere and achieve success.”


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