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Through our Clubs for Kids program, and with the help of our Junior Advisory Board, our chapter resizes and regrips approximately 500 golf clubs per year for junior golfers.
But what happens to all of those discarded rubber grips?
They used to end up in a landfill…
…until we connected with Grips Fore Good!
Grips Fore Good collects large quantities of discarded rubber grips, grinds them up, and repurposes them into the base layer of driving range hitting mats, reducing all that waste and providing golfers with a fresh place to practice!
Additionally, GFG has designed a modular mat, which is more economical and can be replaced in pieces, rather than tossing the whole mat away when it’s worn out.
Founder of Grips Fore Good, Vito Desantis, was a PGA member with connections to the recycling industry, so it wasn’t long before he realized the amount of waste being generated by discarded rubber golf grips. Through his relationships in golf and manufacturing, he has found a way be successful and make a difference.
Ask your local golf course if they are buying their mats from Grips Fore Good. It’s good for golfers and the planet!

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  1. Hi Vito I’m just wondering if your mats would be good for a garage floor. Can you give me some information on them. Like the cost if they would break down any information that you have I would appreciate thank you very much.

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