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We asked Coach Chris Villasenor to share his relationship with Honesty, and honestly, we felt like you’d want to take a look!

One of the Nine Core Values of the First Tee is Honesty. We often frame this around our behavior on the course: are we counting the right number of strokes, are we following the rules, do we have the proper number of clubs in our bag.  However, Honesty stretches far beyond this into other aspects of golf as well as life.

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When we’re practicing golf to improve, can you be honest with yourself as to your strengths and weaknesses? Many players will simply play to their strengths on the practice tee but an honest player can look at their game objectively then decide to focus on the things that will help them improve the most. In fact, whether it’s golf, music, Fortnite, or school (you can put these in any order you’d like) being honest about your shortcomings and addressing them in some way can improve your overall performance as well as your enjoyment.

Honesty, let’s be honest, is sometimes the harder road but like anything, it takes practice. In many cases, we cannot choose our outcomes but if you come to them via Honesty, you can always hold your head up.

There are going to be people in the world who tell you, “that band you like is no good,” or “that movie you like is terrible” or “why are you friends with that person?” The honest response is that you don’t have to defend these kinds of choices. Finding your passion is a true form of Honesty and I encourage you to be honest with your parents, teachers, and friends… but most importantly with yourself!


Coach Chris with his PGA Jr. League Team!












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