Summer 2020 FAQ

What is the anticipated summer calendar?
Subject to change, but here is what we are planning for:
May 26 – Draft schedule posted
June 2 – Registration opens (9:00am)
July 7-12 – First week of classes
August 4-9 – Last week of classes
August 15 & 16 – Week 9 Championship

How predictable is the summer calendar?
Assuming that Washington State moves at least into Phase 2 in its recovery plan by July 7th and stays there through August, we anticipate a predictable summer session. If Phase 3 is introduced, which is possible by June 21, that would allow for even more capacity, but our current plan is based on Phase 2 only.

What is the cost of summer session?

Cost should never be a barrier to your participation with First Tee. So as always, we ask that you pay the amount that makes your family’s participation possible. When you register, you’ll have the opportunity to pay the full fee or request a reduced fee. We approve 100% of those requests and we are proud to say that more than half of First Tee of Greater Seattle participants enroll at a reduced fee, so please don’t hesitate to take advantage of the reduced fee option. For families who choose to pay the full fee, the cost will be just $99 this summer.

How will summer 2020 be different from previous seasons?

First Tee coaches are committed to providing the most impactful learning environment possible, and we believe that is important now more than ever. We just have to find some new ways of doing things, and despite a few sacrifices (e.g., no high-fives or fist bumps), there is an abundance of fun and education to be found on the fairways this summer and we intend to capture as much as we can. We have also been developing more familiarity what at-home learning can look like for First Tee participants, which is a fun way to stay engaged even when you are able to attend weekly on-course classes. If you haven’t had a chance yet, check out some of the content we’ve been sharing through the First Tee at Home page.

All classes are one hour? What about higher levels, which are usually longer?

In the past, TARGET and PLAYer classes have always been one hour, Par 1.5 hours, Birdie 2 hours, and Eagle 3 hours, and Ace 4 hours. This summer, all classes will officially be scheduled for one hour, with that time focused on activities and skill-building. This serves two main purposes: 1) reduces the time spent at the course, especially for those who may not yet be comfortable with extended time in public places, and 2) allows us enough time on the schedule to serve levels PLAYer and up. HOWEVER, we will be scheduling tee times and supervised course play for the Par, Birdie, Eagle and Ace levels on a regular basis, so for those who do want extended time and play options, we will communicate on a weekly basis but plan on those opportunities still being available. Additionally, we always encourage participants to play golf outside of their regular class time (before, after, or on different days), and the Open Play privilege is designed just for that!

What procedures will First Tee have in place to ensure a safe learning environment, and to prevent community spread of the COVID-19 virus?

Our staff has developed a comprehensive set of procedures, including, but not limited to, the following:
  • Classes will be smaller on average, with an average of two “pods” of four players each.
  • Check-in and name tag process will be hands-off.
  • In-class activities will allow for social distancing.
  • Coaches and volunteers will wear facial coverings during class time.
  • Participants are encouraged to wear facial coverings, but this is not required.
  • Equipment sharing will be avoided at all times.
  • Classes will be held outdoors, and only utilize indoor space when absolutely necessary.
  • Equipment and learning environments will be closely monitored and sanitized regularly.
  • Health screenings will be conducted each day for our coaches & volunteers.

For what ages will First Tee offer summer classes?

Typically, our summer session is open to all young people between the ages of 5-18. This summer, we anticipate our capacity to be only 40-50% of normal, based on group size requirements. This puts us in a regrettable position, because our goal is always to make room for all young people to join First Tee. Priority will always be granted for returning participants, but of course we will do whatever we can to accommodate all those who want to play.

Currently, our schedule includes classes at the PLAYer level and above, and we do not anticipate offering TARGET level classes. But we will reevaluate in the coming weeks and see if that will be possible. We truly enjoy having players age 5 and 6 in the program!

If no classes are available for my son or daughter this summer, what should we do?

We have been developing our First Tee at Home resources, which include golf tips, book & movie recommendations, and activities. Going forward, we are also excited to launch our Golf at Home project, which includes at-home kits and online curriculum. Thanks to our GiveBIG campaign, we have raised enough money to create more than 500 kits for kids. We will be assembling these kits over the coming weeks and plan to make them available at no cost for as many kids as possible, and especially those who don’t have the equipment they need at home. The online curriculum will be available for everyone, and so even those who are not able to join a class this summer will have an opportunity to practice and learn with the help of First Tee coaches!

What if we opted to transfer our spring registration fee to summer, but are not able to get in?

We will gladly transfer your fee to any future season, including fall 2020, or of course we can refund your fee as well. Once summer registration is underway, let us know if we can help with that.

What about PGA Junior League Golf?

It’s not too late to join!
Practices begin in June, games thru August.
For those pre-registered, official registration will open when Phase 2 is announced.
For revised schedule and pre-registration form on the website:

Can we go play and practice on our own?

While golf courses now open, there are a lot of limitations in place. Foursomes are now allowed, but not all courses are allowing them just yet. Practice areas are open, but social distancing is required. Finally, Youth on Course and junior rates are on hold at many places. Since each golf course may have a different plan in place, the best thing you can do is call the golf course directly to learn more. For a complete list of our partner locations, visit this page:

When is the next JAB Equipment Sale?

Our Junior Advisory Board is busy planning for new sale dates!
Sat, June 20 at Jefferson Park GC (11:00am-3:00pm)
Sun, June 21 at Crossroads Par-3 (11:00am-3:00pm)

Can I donate equipment?

We accept donations of equipment and merchandise in good or better condition. Just email us for instructions. Currently, we are seeking putters and graphite-shafted irons, specifically!

How can we stay updated?

If you don’t already receive our emails, subscribe to the list using the form below. Also, follow us on social media (@tftseattle), and keep an eye on the website ( for more info, including the chapter calendar.

What should we do in the meantime?

Be safe, stay healthy, and check out our First Tee at Home resources!

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