How many holes can you play in one day?

Wednesday, July 18, 2018


Jefferson Park Golf Course


8:30 Check-in

9:00 Start


Players of all ages and ability levels are invited to play as many holes as they can in one day while raising money for additional scholarships so more kids can participate in The First Tee. So you can tee it up for 9, 18, 27…72, or even more. Last year’s winners played 130 holes in a single day! ​



Registration & Guidelines

  • Eligible levels: PLAYer, PAR, Birdie, and Eagle, and Ace
  • Played on the Par-3 course
  • Registration fee: $25 registration
  • Includes:
    • Lunch
    • Chance to to win prizes.
    • Unlimited golf!
  • Optional: collect pledges from friends and family and win some incredible prizes!
  • In most cases, players will be paired with one other golfer at their same level or similar.
  • Caddies are welcome! Sibling, parent, grandparent…
  • Parents: The First Tee staff and coaches will be there to supervise all day, so parents are welcome to drop players off and pick up when is most convenient.If you’d like to “caddie” for your son or daughter, which we do recommend for those not yet able to play independently, you are welcome to do that, or you can drop off and players can manage their own equipment. We have pull carts available to make carrying easier, and plenty of water and snacks to last the day



  • Most money raised wins an XBOX One.

  • Most number of holes played wins a Mariner’s ticket package, with on-field experience!


  • To be eligible for prizes…players are asked to raise a minimum of $50 in pledges.
  • Pledges can come from friends, family, neighbors and classmates by linking to a player’s on-line donation page.
  • Recommendation: ask each of your donors to pledge $1 for each hole you play!


And there will be fun for everyone!

How to Register:

  1. Click the link below.

  2. Select “SET UP Your Fundraiser”

  3. Select “Start Your Own Fundraiser”

  4. Create your profile, and you’re ready to go!


Register now!